Romans 9 Who is going to be saved?

Verses 1-5

The Apostle Paul writes about his sadness for the unsaved Israelites according to flesh

Verse 9:6

The Apostle Paul says not all the of the nation of Israel are Israel (saved)

Verse 9:8

The Apostle Paul says the children of the flesh are not the children of God (saved) but the children of Promise are the children of God and are reckoned for a SEED (saved)

Verse 9:11

says the children ( children of promise) (saved)are elected before they do anything good or evil demonstrating that election and reprobation are unconditional

Verse 9:13

I loved ( elected) Jacob I hated ( reprobated) Esau

Verse 9:14

Is there any unrighteousness with God ( for electing unconditionally) “ Let it not be

Verse 9:15

God says He will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy (unconditionally according to His purpose and will)

Verse 9:16

says The mercy has nothing to do with man’s will (desire) or running (working) but God having (unconditional) mercy

Verse 9:17

Pharaoh was raised up by God (unconditionally) to show forth His power and make His name publicized in all the earth ( as a vessel fitted out for destruction) (now and later)

Verse 9:18

So then God (unconditionally) shows mercy and (unconditionally) hardens

Verse 9:19

The objector, once again, complains at God (for unconditionally) showing mercy and ( unconditionally) hardening whomever he wills

Verse 9:20

The Apostle Paul says who are you to talk back to the (Sovereign) God. Does the clay being formed say to the potter, Why did you MAKE me like this?

Verse 9:21

The Potter has authority over the clay ( no free will) out of the same (neutral) lump to Make one vessel to honor ( mercy) and Make one vessel to dishonor ( fitted out for destruction) ( Here on earth and after)

Verse 9:22

(One reason God did this) He desired to display His wrath and to make His power known endured with much long suffering vessels of wrath having been fitted out ( by Him) for destruction in order that

Verse 9:23

He make known the riches of His glory on vessels of mercy BEFORE PREPARED FOR GLORY ( destination)

Verse 9:24

(Now he includes the Gentiles as part of The promise that All Israel will be saved) whom He also called not only us (Jews) of Jews but also out of nations ( Gentiles) ( God so loved the World ) Jews and Gentiles

Verse 9:25

(Now God is exercising His Sovereignty again )by calling not my people my people and Not being Loved Being Loved ( they might have been hated before)?

Verse 9:26

The ones that were not called my people will now be called Sons of living God ( Saved)

Verse 9:27

Isaiah cries on behalf of Israel if the number of the sons of Israel be as the sand of the sea , The REMNANT with be SAVED

Verse 9:28

The Lord is finishing the matter in righteousness (bringing all Israel together, Jew and Gentile)

Verse 9:29

If the Lord hadn’t (SAVED) left a SEED they would have become as Sodom and Gomorrah

Verse 9:30

The nations weren’t pursuing righteousness, have taken over righteousness a righteousness of faith, ( by the sovereignty of God and gift of faith to whomever He shows mercy)

Verse 9:31

But Israel pursuing a law of righteousness did not arrive to the law of righteousness

Verse 9:32

Why? Because it was not by faith ( which saves) They stumbled at the stone of stumbling

Verse 9:33

Everyone believing on Him will not be ashamed

( This is where Jew and Gentile come together by the Sovereign will of God to fulfill the promise that All Israel will be saved;The children of Promise or the elect ( The seed of Christ)

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