The Prayer of The Apostle Paul

Romans 10:1-4

1 ¶ Brothers, truly my heart’s pleasure and supplication to God on behalf of Israel is unto salvation.

2 For I testify to them that they have zeal to God, but not according to knowledge.

3 For not knowing the righteousness of God, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, they did not submit to the righteousness of God.

4 For the end of the law is Christ for righteousness to everyone that believes

Question and Comment: Why would the Apostle Paul be praying to God for the salvation of the unsaved Israelites?

We know that it was The Apostle Paul’s heart’s pleasure for the unsaved Israelites to be saved and that desire was given to him by the Holy Spirit; since all good gifts come from God. James 1:17 Luke 18:19 Romans 8:9

We also know, The Apostle Paul was indwelt by the Holy Spirit and was moved by The Holy Spirit to pray for the unsaved Israelite’s Philippians 2:13 John 3:27 John 6:65 in order to acknowledge in scripture that God is and was in complete sovereign control of who will be saved in accordance with His will, purpose and mercy; Romans 8:28-30 Daniel 4:35 because Salvation is of the Lord Jonah 2:9 and is not conditioned on man’s Romans 9:16 will; but the Lord’s mercy and will. John 1:12-13 Ephesians 1:11 Job 23:13 Romans 9:19 Ephesians 1:5 Philippians 2:13 1 Corinthians 12:11 Hebrews 2:4 1 John 5:14

If God wasn’t in complete control of who is saved and the timing of salvation , why pray to Him? The following scriptures confirm that God is in complete control of man according to His will; not man’s will, according to purpose.

Psalms 115:3

But our God is in Heaven; He has done all that He has pleased

Romans 9:15

For He said to Moses, “I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will pity whomever I pity.”

Romans 9:16

So, then, it is not of the one willing, nor of the one running, but of the One having mercy, of God.

Romans 9:18

So, then, to whom He wills, He shows mercy; but to whom He wills, He hardens.

Romans 9:20

Nay, rather, O man, who are you, the one answering back to God? Shall the thing formed say to the One forming it, Why
did You make me like this? Isa. 29:16

Romans 9:21

Or does not the potter have authority over the clay, out of the same lump to make one vessel to honor, and (make) one to dishonor?
Jer. 18:6

John 3:27

John answered and said, A man is able to receive nothing if it is not given to him from Heaven.

John 6:65

And He said, Because of this, I have told you that no one is able to come to Me if it is not given to him from My Father.

1 Corinthians 4:7

¶ For who makes you to differ? And what do you have that you did not receive? And if you received it, why do you boast as not receiving it?


I have heard people say “I accepted Christ”… Does that mean they believe the Gospel of Christ that comes from regeneration of the spirit and heart by God unto belief of the Truth that salvation is conditioned on Jesus Christ’s work and person alone without any contribution from the sinner.

It is not something you accept or reject. It is a belief of the Gospel of Christ or not a belief of the Gospel. It is a change of mind and heart which is the unconditional undeserved gift of God to whom He chooses to have mercy on that will never change or be rejected. Jesus will not lose one that the Father has given Him. John 3:3-8 John 6:37-44 Romans 3:21-27 Ephesians 2:8-10 Romans 4:3-8


Salvation does not originate from man’s will, nor man’s working or man’s effort; but of God having mercy. It is God who regenerates whom he wills unto belief of the Gospel.

The Spirit blows where it wills John 3:3-8 They are His people he promised to save Matthew 1:21 conditioned solely on Christ’s work and person. All to His Glory. Isaiah 48:11

All that He promised to save will come within their lives to believe the Gospel of Christ that God saves conditioned on Jesus Christ’s work and person without any contribution from them. That is Good News; He does the work and completes the work He has begun John 6:29, Philippians 1:6

The Good News of The Gospel of Christ is He saves efficaciously conditioned on His work and perfect righteousness alone. He does not wait and cannot wait for a spiritually dead natural man to change his mind (repent) because if He did wait and relied on a natural man to change his mind and believe the Gospel, He would be waiting forever which would mean, He could have died for no one. 1 Corinthians 2:14 John 6:65

If Adam and Eve desired to follow after other gods after being made upright, do you really think a spiritually dead natural man has the inherent ability to believe the Gospel of Christ considering his father is the devil. Belief of the Gospel is a miracle by the hands of God to whom he chooses to show unconditional mercy.

God will not share his glory with idols including the empty lie of man being able to freely choose the True God, the True Christ and The True Gospel; the idea spawned into man’s fallen nature in the Garden of Eden “ You will be like God” Knowing Good and Evil” Isaiah 48:11, Isaiah 42:8 Genesis 2 Genesis 3

Romans 3:10

according as it is written, “There is not a righteous one, not even one!”

Romans 3:11

There is not one understanding there is not one seeking after God

Matthew 13:16

16 But your eyes are blessed because they
see; and your ears because they hear.

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